How to Enlarge Your Penis Yourself – A Safe Natural Method

Penis enlargement has been around for years now and the industry is still waxing stronger. Although there are lots of scam products and programs still available that claim to give you increased size but at the end fails.

It is so painful and demoralizing thinking about the time and money you have put into such product or program. This post will show you how to enlarge your penis yourself, the safe and natural way.

Exercises are the best natural way to increase your penis enlargement. Just as your body tissues can be increased through exercises, your penis too can also be increased through exercises.

However, the kind of exercise differs. You can go for outdoor jogging, walking on treadmills, skipping or even dancing just to exercise the body. But for penis exercise, it is not the same. The natural exercise used to enlarge the penis is called jelqing.

Enlarging the penis through this natural method simply means: you should not expect an overnight result and also you should be prepared to practice it consistently. Patience is the watchword here.


Practice the below jelqing routine consistently and you will see how your penis will grow.


  1. Run warm water on a clean towel and wrap that warm towel on your penis for about a minute or two. This is called a warm up exercise.


  1. Bring yourself to semi erection and apply some lubricant on your hand and penis.


  1. Grab the base of your shaft between the thumb and first finger of one hand like making an OK symbol and move them upward towards the base of the head of your penis. You must not do it in a rush just take about 1-2 seconds before stopping at the head of your penis.


  1. Repeat the whole process all over again starting from the base and maintaining the same pressure.


  1. You can repeat this for about 5 minutes. You can increase the time and repetition when you get more used to this practice.


  1. The last process is to perform the warm down exercise. Just like the warm up exercise, wrap a warm towel over your penis for about 1 or 2 minutes. You can also use the oil to massage your penis lightly for about 1 or 2 minutes.

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Yes, Penis Size Does Matter [Infographic]

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Penis Size Does Matter

Penis Size Does Matter