10 Reasons why people cry after Sex

9 Reasons Why People Cry After SEX

Have you cried after having sex? Your partner? Know it is perfectly normal and you not alone. It might be happy tears, tears of relief or a bit of pensive sadness for not reason. Tears during or after sex can be a purely physical reaction. In clinical terms crying after sex is known as postcoital […]

9 Ways to Lose Weight without Dieting

9 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Sure you can weight quickly if you follow fads diets. There is a lot of them listed on the internet. They promise rapid weight lose but they will leave you feeling hungry & deprived. And later you will definitely gain the weight back. I this guide I want to outline what real weight experts and […]

How to Control Early Ejaculations

How can you Control Early Ejaculation?

Early Ejaculation is when a guy ejaculate prior to or within about a minute of penetration which causes frustrations and distress, usually resulting in partners avoiding having sex. The question is its normal for the average guy to ejaculate within 2-5 minutes of penetration? Some of us have experienced this problem for as long as […]

7 Ways To Overcoming Shyness Around Opposite Sex

Getting over your shyness may seem impossible right now, but with a little effort and the desire to be more outgoing with the opposite sex then, you can definitely overcome shyness. It is important to know that the fears you feel when shyness hits you are typically always much worse than the reality of the […]

7 Easy Ways to Spice Up Things in the Bedroom

7 Easy Ways to Spice Up Things in the Bedroom

Have you started noticing the lack of heat in the sex department? It’s nothing to be ashamed of really, after some time people tend to get comfortable and forget that fizzle that they used to have for trying new things. I know some might think is time they terminate the relationship. But what is the […]

We won an award!

We’re delighted and honoured to announce that In Men Health Clinic has won a 2018 Most Popular Award winner in the Health4You Top 25 Most Popular Health and Fitness Services for 2018 The Health4You , as they’re known, recognize the business with the highest number of visits, positive reviews and overall engagements across Health4You website. […]