5 Relationship’s Love Languages

Relationships, like any other thing in this life, are both vital and complicated. When two people come together to create a future with someone they love, they can find themselves up against a number of elements or adversaries that make it hard for them to stay connected and true. By learning how to define the […]

6 Reasons Resentment Creeps Into Your Relationships and how to fix it

Have you ever felt taken advantage of, or dismissed, by your partner, family member, teacher or boss? That’s resentment rearing its ugly head. At first, you feel angry that you’re not being treated fairly or that your needs are being ignored. Over time, this snowballs into disappointment, bitterness and hard feelings. It’s very difficult to […]

19 Warning Signs You’re in a Codependent Relationship

Have you ever found yourself in a one-sided relationship where you felt as if you were the one doing all the giving, all the caring, while receiving nothing in return? you might be in a codependent relationship. If this dynamic sounds familiar, it’s likely you’re trapped in the web of co-dependency, a pattern of behaviour […]

6 tips that will modify your sex life

6 tips that will modify your sex life into a great one

There’s no arguing that “quickie sex” can be arousing, exciting and satisfying. It’s good for when passions override all thought and desire wins. However, most women will agree that the best sexual encounters occur when a man knows and understands the importance of making your lovemaking experience enjoyable. Too much boredom in your bedroom? Revitalize […]

traumatic man sitting on the bench

Your pain matters because you matter

If we live in a traumatic state for an extended period of time we want relief more than anything else. Because of the lack of education around trauma we rarely hear the words, “what you are experiencing is quite normal considering what’s been done to you.” That lack of affirmation leaves us vulnerable thinking something […]


How to Enlarge Your Penis Yourself – A Safe Natural Method

Penis enlargement has been around for years now and the industry is still waxing stronger. Although there are lots of scam products and programs still available that claim to give you increased size but at the end fails. It is so painful and demoralizing thinking about the time and money you have put into such […]