9 ways to get & maintain stronger erection

9 ways to get & maintain stronger erection

In this post we will outline 9 ways to get & maintain stronger erection by making these few changes to your lifestyle.

Erectile dysfunction(ED) is the inability to get an erection and have satisfying sex, which cause distress for couples. ED becomes more common to men when they age. But this is not necessarily a normal part of aging.

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction and there is also several swats to prevent it from happening to you in the first place.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

An unhealthy weight can put you at risk of many chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes which as a result can cause nerve damage through the body. If the diabetes affect the nerve that supply the penis, ED can result.

Also weight can also result in an unhealthy heart, causing unhealthy circulation of blood ultimately leading to ED


  1. Exercise regularly

There is strong evidence that erectile dysfunction can occur to people who are inactive in their life, while running, swimming, soccer, and other form of aerobic exercise have been shown to help prevent ED and helps to boost strong erection.

Must watch out to bicycle riding exercises it can cause ED. This is as a results of excessive pressure it put on perineum – the area between the scrotum and anus. The blood vessels and the nerves that supply the penis get adversely affected from excessive pressure.

Though an occasional short ride is unlikely to cause trouble. But men who spend a lot of time biking should ensure that their bicycle fit them properly , wear padded cycling pants and should stand up frequently whole pedalling.

  1. Watch what you eat

A diet that is bad for a man’s heart is also not good for his erection. Diets that include very few fruits and vegetables along with lots of fatty, fried, and processed foods can contribute to decreased blood circulation throughout the body.

Research shows that You should consider eating foods that stimulate circulation such as whole grains, leafy greens (nitrates), dark chocolate (flavonoids), oysters and selfish (zinc) in your.

Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, berries and watermelon can also help prevent erectile dysfunction as there lower your risk of heart disease. Remember any food that is good for your heart health and circulation is also good for your erection.


  1. Drink Alcohol in moderation or not at all

While there is concrete link that mild or even moderate alcohol consumption is bad for erectile function, heavy consumption alcohol can cause liver damage, nerve damage and other conditions such as interfering with the normal balance of male sex hormone levels that can lead to cause of ED.

  1. Maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels

High cholesterol or high blood pressure can damage blood vessels, including those that bring blood to the penis. Eventually, this may lead to ED.

Along with maintaining healthy weight, it is important to keep your vitals in check. Go for regular check-ups to sort out any irregularities in your blood pressure and cholesterols.

Research several studies

have revealed that increased cholesterol levels can limit healthy erections as the arteries become clogged, impairing healthy circulation.

Blood pressure medication can make it hard to get an erection. But many doctors say many cases of ED that get blamed on these drugs are actually caused by arterial damage resulting from high blood pressure.

  1. Curb Stress

Psychological stress increases levels of hormone adrenaline, which as a results makes blood vessels contract. That can be bad news for an erection as there will be reduction in blood circulation to the penis.

Look at doing activities that will ease tension and feel better emotionally will likely to give a big boost to your sex life.


  1. Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes harm blood vessels and reduce blood circulation to the penis. Smoking also has also negative effect on your entire body and increase your risk for high blood pressure, heart conditions and many other chronic diseases.

  1. Avoid anabolic steroids

The usage of anabolic steroids by athletes and bodybuilders have been proven that it can shrink your testicles and sap your ability to produce testosterone.


  1. Avoid Risky sex


Some cases of erectile dysfunction was a result of penis injuries that occur during sex. Taking your time and avoiding certain positions can help. Talk to your Dr about what to do and what not to do about it.

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