Your pain matters because you matter

If we live in a traumatic state for an extended period of time we want relief more than anything else. Because of the lack of education around trauma we rarely hear the words, “what you are experiencing is quite normal considering what’s been done to you.” That lack of affirmation leaves us vulnerable thinking something is severely wrong with how we do things. That’s not true. The truth is our body offers a response to what it’s registered. So, those responses are coming from a place of pain and awareness.

Very few of us have been given permission to be honest about our pain. Very few of us have had access to the proper help to expose the trauma. Very few of us had the language to describe what’s going on inside of us. But many are finding solace, that this painful part of the journey is shared.

How many of us have been misdiagnosed while dismissing trauma? How many of us believed we were the problem? How many of us believed that what happened to us was not that bad, and someone else could have handled it better?

These are the after-effects of the trauma doubling down and keeping us exposed to the rawest parts. But then we look out and through our searching, our hunger, our need to be understood. We find that not only are we not alone, but there are thousands who speak that language inside of us.

Those words and phrases that only make sense to someone who knows great pain. Those moments that define how our lives were altered, but we’ve needed a lifeline to preserve what’s left.

Here are a few things to reflect on to help you on your healing journey.

  1. It’s not humanly possible to convince someone to abuse you. People are abused because of an abuser.
  2. It is common and beautiful to be conflicted and take on the blame if you were abused by someone you loved. You still did not create that abuse.
  3. The conflict you may be experiencing internally is a much-needed dialogue of deep breaths and awareness of you looking back at your younger self and saying “You are mine. What they lacked in safety for you, I will restore.

Now, here we are. We are bravely, boldly and unapologetically telling our stories. That may not be the details. You may not even know their names. But there is an awareness and a new era of people who are linking arms and learning about their unprocessed bravery to survive.

The more you validate those untold stories, the more we break down the social oppression that demands we show up polished and presentable. We are learning that polished and presentable can’t hold a torch to authentic and full of grace.

How to Enlarge Your Penis Yourself – A Safe Natural Method

Penis enlargement has been around for years now and the industry is still waxing stronger. Although there are lots of scam products and programs still available that claim to give you increased size but at the end fails.

It is so painful and demoralizing thinking about the time and money you have put into such product or program. This post will show you how to enlarge your penis yourself, the safe and natural way.

Exercises are the best natural way to increase your penis enlargement. Just as your body tissues can be increased through exercises, your penis too can also be increased through exercises.

However, the kind of exercise differs. You can go for outdoor jogging, walking on treadmills, skipping or even dancing just to exercise the body. But for penis exercise, it is not the same. The natural exercise used to enlarge the penis is called jelqing.

Enlarging the penis through this natural method simply means: you should not expect an overnight result and also you should be prepared to practice it consistently. Patience is the watchword here.


Practice the below jelqing routine consistently and you will see how your penis will grow.


  1. Run warm water on a clean towel and wrap that warm towel on your penis for about a minute or two. This is called a warm up exercise.


  1. Bring yourself to semi erection and apply some lubricant on your hand and penis.


  1. Grab the base of your shaft between the thumb and first finger of one hand like making an OK symbol and move them upward towards the base of the head of your penis. You must not do it in a rush just take about 1-2 seconds before stopping at the head of your penis.


  1. Repeat the whole process all over again starting from the base and maintaining the same pressure.


  1. You can repeat this for about 5 minutes. You can increase the time and repetition when you get more used to this practice.


  1. The last process is to perform the warm down exercise. Just like the warm up exercise, wrap a warm towel over your penis for about 1 or 2 minutes. You can also use the oil to massage your penis lightly for about 1 or 2 minutes.

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The 9 Testosterone Commandments

Do you want to boost testosterone levels? Discover the diet and lifestyle do’s and don’ts that can help you achieve optimal testosterone levels.

  1. Thou Shalt Engage In Regular Physical Exercise

Exercise and movement of any kind are essential for a long and healthy life and this is how we as humans evolved.

Hunting, farming and manual labour have kept us moving in the past and it is only in recent times that we have stopped dead in our tracks in terms of physical activity, driving everywhere and slouched over computers all day.

This is devastating for testosterone levels and health in general.

Any exercise boosts testosterone levels in all age groups and on top of this, physical activity will build muscle, improve cardiovascular health and help to maintain joint mobility.

If you are overweight, then shedding some excess fat will also help to boost your testosterone.

If you are totally sedentary then you may already be caught in the negative spiral and this can be tough to break out of. The key is consistency and just getting started. Commit to doing something 3 times a week, to begin with – even for just 15 minutes.

It can be a bodyweight circuit in your living room or a 15-minute walk around the block. If you are a more advanced trainer then regular weight training is the best way to boost testosterone levels.


  1. Thou shalt spend time in the sun

Vitamin D is an important hormone in the production of testosterone, and while it isn’t easy to do very often while living in the UK, being exposed to the sun can increase your vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is also found in several foods such as oily fish, eggs and cheese, or it can be taken as a supplement. Studies have shown that men who supplemented with vitamin D over the course of one year showed an increase in testosterone levels.

  1. Thou Shalt Minimise Stress

Managing stress, optimising mood and laughing often will all improve levels of naturally produced testosterone and allow the body and mind to thrive.

This is easier said than done, but persistent stress and abnormally high levels of cortisol will cause testosterone levels to bottom out.

On top of this, high stress can cause us to make poor food choices which will in turn cause increased body weight which will also negatively affect testosterone levels


  1. Thou Shalt Get Enough Sleep

Adequate sleep is essential for many reasons and prioritising that 8 hours is extremely important for health. Getting less than the required amount of sleep each night will cause testosterone levels to drop and in the modern age of smartphones and 24-hour accessibility, this isn’t uncommon. As with exercise, diet and mindset, sleep works in synergy and a bad night’s sleep can make you more likely to eat poorly, making it more difficult to cope with stress and make the motivation for exercise more difficult.



The easiest and most accessible trick for getting a good night’s sleep in the modern world is simply to leave your smartphone outside of your bedroom at night. Apart from the blue light that the screen emits (even in night mode), you have the mental stimulation of social media and potential stress that a late-night email can cause (when you can’t do anything about it).


  1. Thou Shalt Eat A Clean, Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet made up largely of the whole, single-ingredient foods including all the main macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and protein) can contribute to healthy testosterone levels.

Chronic over or under-eating or extreme dieting can be bad for your testosterone levels. As well as the main macronutrients, eating a wide variety of vegetables will ensure that you get enough vitamins and minerals to support testosterone production.


  1. Thou Shalt ‘Just Say No’ To Drugs

Alcohol, Androgenic Anabolic Steroids and smoking can all have a negative impact on your testosterone production.

The use of anabolic steroids, which are often used for bodybuilding, can cause excessive levels of testosterone in the body resulting in a hormone imbalance.

If levels are too high the testes can shut down their testosterone production which can be permanent, even after the discontinuation of these drugs.

  1. Thou Shalt Remember That MORE Isn’t Always Better

With the continued ambiguity of “optimal testosterone levels”, men can become obsessed with chasing high levels, often resulting in side effects from having too much testosterone in the body.

It is important to remember that an individual’s optimal level of testosterone can be different to your own and the trick is not to overdo it when trying to boost testosterone.

  1. Remember That You Grow When You Rest

The Men’s Health Clinic see a lot of men become frustrated with their progress because they are eating healthy, balanced diets and they are committed to an exercise routine, but they are not seeing the results they want. However, In order to really grow, you must rest your body. Exercise is a catabolic process, not anabolic. Whilst exercise causes a spike in testosterone, you need to be in a state of rest for it to exert its effects. It’s all about balance.

  1. Though shalt honour thy doctor

It comes as no surprise that men do not welcome the thought of visiting their doctors when they start to show signs of being unwell. A recent study of 1000 men found that three quarters will avoid going to the doctors when showing signs of an illness as they don’t have the time or don’t think it is important .


However, if you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone and they persist after implementing diet and lifestyle changes, it is important to seek advice from your doctor, men’s health clinic.


6 Things You Should Be Doing To the Clitoris

In this post we will take you through things you should be doing to your woman’s clitoris.

When it comes to making a person with a vulva orgasm, most folks need more than plain old penetration.

Yes your penis is great and all, but only a quarter of vulva owners routinely come during vaginal intercourse, meaning that a lot of people need some form of clitoral stimulation in order to climax.


Packed with nerve endings, the clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. It has around 8,000 nerve endings, which is double the number in a penis.

So what can you do to give your partner a mind-blowing clitoral orgasm?

Well, for starters, make sure you know where to find the clitoris: at the top of the vulva, just under the spot where the inner labia meet. The clitoris also extends up to 5 inches inside the body.


And now, to stimulate the clitoris? If not sure ask your partner!

Surprise your partner tonight with one—or all—of these clitoral stimulation tricks, using not just your tongue, but also your lips, fingers, and toys. And don’t forget: there are a number of sex positions where you can reach around and stimulate your partner’s clit with your fingers or a vibrator during penetration. There’s no reason why penetration and clit stimulation have to be separate; the two can (and should!) exist in perfect harmony.


  1. Pick a Side

When it comes to clitoral stimulation, 4 out of 10 women have a preferred side,  Ask her if there’s a side she likes better—and if she’s not sure, experiment on both.


  1. Use your imagination.

When you’re flicking your tongue over her clitoris, imagine you are painting a fence from top to bottom, then move your tongue side to  side.

  1. Suck and Nibble

Instead of just licking her, use your lips and tongue to suck on her clit.

The entire vulva consists of sensitive nerve fibers. So being able to suck on the glans or the head of the clit and lightly nibble on her inner and outer labia, or suck a little on labia, will stimulate the nerve fibers.

The sucking will also lead to increased vasocongestion, or more blood flow, to the vulva and the clitoris.


  1. Don’t Forget the Shaft

While a lot of attention is spent on the tip of the clitoris—the part located at the top of the vulva—it also has two “legs” that extend up to five inches inside the body, known as the “shaft.”


Slide your fingers to either side of her clitoral shaft. Pull and push the clitoral hood across the clitoris and move in circles, diagonals, and spontaneous un-choreographed fashions so as to stay unpredictable.


  1. Play the Harmonica

Once your partner is in the midst of an orgasm, add some oral vibration to her experience.


Make your lips into an O and take her clitoris in your mouth. Then make humming sounds as you suck on her clit, as if you are playing the harmonica, so that she can feel the warm, wet vibrations.

  1. Draw circles

In study 3 out of 4 women said they love it when you trace little circles on or around the clit. You can use your tongue, your finger, or two fingers—or all of the above.

It is noted that some women prefer the clockwise movement – which is when you trace from the bottom of th